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We believe one of the things that sets us apart from many other companies is the quality of our support. Many companies operate large global support centres - which are often difficult to communicate with, slow to respond, lacking in relevant skills and experience, and ineffective at solving problems that can seriously effect your business.

At DATELSTREAM you will get personal and prompt service from the same person every time. We know our products very well and we understand the business you are in. We also know how problems can affect your business and the importance of giving you an effective solution in a timeframe that suits you.

DATELSTREAM provides two kinds of support:

1. Installed system support. To get the most from your system we recommend you engage us to support your installed DATELSTREAM systems on an ad-hoc or contracted basis. The level of support we recommend depends on the scale of your system. Most support is provided by email, phone, or remote access. Our support service covers the following types of activity:

- advice on use of product features
- design, setup and configuration
- general help to users and administrators on use of product
- problem investigation and resolution
- training

2. Product support. Although we strive hard to ensure problem-free software, problems do occur from time to time. We regularly release new versions to fix problems and add new features. Licenced customers are entitled to receive new versions and you can either install updates yourself or we can do it for you. To back this up our online knowledge base provides detailed information about known product problems and solutions together with technical notes and "how to" articles.